SUPERVOID™ is the world’s first super black home decor collection. We use a special black pigment that absorbs almost all visible light to give classic mid-century and contemporary furniture a jaw-droppingly unique look. Check out our SUPERVOID™ S-Chair here, based on the classic Verner Panton molded plastic design, but unlike any chair before it, you feel as though you're peering into a black hole, while highlighting form and silhouette like never before.

If you’re wondering what the name means, we looked to the cosmos for inspiration. In astrophysics, “supervoid” is a term for an enormous, light-years-long section of the observable universe that's strangely devoid of stars, planets, or anything else. We think this perfectly describes our first-of-its-kind collection of super black furniture and home decor that gives you the distinct sense that you’re staring into the abyss.

What’s the story behind super black pigments?

The first super black pigment was developed by Surrey Nanosystems and is called Vantablack. Their painting system absorbs up to 99% of visible light, leaving any object sprayed in it looking like a black hole. Apparently, “vanta” is an acronym for “vertically aligned nanotube arrays.” Given the name, you can imagine that the process isn’t particularly user-friendly. Surrey Nanosystems did develop a sprayable version of Vantablack, but unfortunately the license for artistic use of this paint has been acquired exclusively by British conceptual artist, Anish Kapoor.

Luckily, Stuart Semple and his team at Culture Hustle have come up with a completely safe and non-toxic acrylic super-matte black paint, called Black 3.0, that comes pretty close to Vantablack - absorbing around 98% of visible light. Black 3.0 is the pigment that we use to manufacture the SUPERVOID™ S-Chair, the blackest chair on Earth.

Is Black 3.0 as dark as Vantablack (or MIT's new super black paint)?

Not quite. The good folks at Culture Hustle tell us that their Black 3.0 paint is a few percentage points shy of Vantablack’s 99% light absorption number. But, the naked eye won't really be able to make the differentiation there. You may have read recently, that MIT has developed a super black process that is 10x darker than Vantablack. We can't quite fathom what exactly that means, but alas it's not available for general use anyway. So, ultimately that means the SUPERVOID™ collection is as black as any commercially available product gets.

Is this the first super black home decor product made available to the general public?

As far as we know. There’s a lot of custom stuff that the Culture Hustle community of fans has created and posted to Instagram with the hashtag #sharetheblack, but we haven’t yet seen a piece of furniture. Besides, nothing has been manufactured at scale like the SUPERVOID™ S-Chair for the general public to purchase. You may have read that BMW recently launched a concept Vantablack car at this year's Frankfurt Auto Show, but that’s not home decor, and again, not available to the public.

How do I order the SUPERVOID™ S-Chair?

Just click here to visit the preorder page for the SUPERVOID™ S-Chair and reserve yours today. The reason we’re launching this product as a preorder is because we’re a growing startup and we thought this would be the best way to understand the demand and know exactly how many chairs we need to manufacture for the first run.

Can I order multiple chairs?

Absolutely. There’s a quantity box on the preorder page that you can use to purchase multiple SUPERVOID™ S-Chairs. For what it’s worth, we think a set of four would look really cool around a white Saarinen tulip table. 

How much is shipping for domestic and international orders?


$49, anywhere in the contiguous US. For Alaska and Hawaii, international shipping rates apply.


$99 anywhere outside of the US.

When will I receive my chair?

We’ve done all the research and development on the prototype you see in the pictures and videos, but we still need a bit of time to kick our supply chain into motion. We anticipate having chairs ready to ship sometime in December. We’ll be sure to keep our preorder customers updated with our progress via email and on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

What can I expect from the look-and-feel of the SUPERVOID™ S-Chair?

We’ve done a ton of work to make sure that it’s truly the most super-matte black chair available. The pictures and video on our website and social media have been taken in completely natural lighting to give you a good sense of what you’re buying. That said, the super black effect using Black 3.0 is definitely most palpable under indirect natural light, and if you’re looking at the chair with the overhead lights on in your home, the black hole effect can be a bit diminished. As the afternoon progresses, you’ll see the chair get darker and darker, until the golden hour (or "black hour", in this case), where the “matte”-ifying effect really kicks in and you’re staring right into the void. That’s also the best time to take pictures of your chair for Instagram (be sure to tag with #sharetheblack, too!)

How durable is it?

Fair warning, to achieve the super-matte effect of Black 3.0, the paint itself is quite a bit more delicate than your average acrylic paint. Knowing that, we’ve decided to spray the SUPERVOID™ S-Chair with a matte topcoat for increased durability. We would still like our customers to really think of this as an objet d’arte rather than the kind of chair that you should let your toddler climb around on. But, even if you do get a bowl of spaghetti dumped on it, we hope it’ll stand up to at least a little bit of a beating!

Where can I find more pictures and video of the chair?

As we continue down the road of getting these chairs ready for prime-time, we’ll be posting more and more photos and videos on our blog, as well as the Death by Modernism Instagram and Facebook pages. Follow all the action over there to stay up-to-date on the latest with the SUPERVOID™ Collection.

What is your return policy on the SUPERVOID™ S-Chair?

Since this is a completely new, first-of-its-kind product, we’ve decided to offer a full 30-day no questions return policy. If for whatever reason you’d like to setup a return, just email us at with your Order Number in the subject line, and we’ll help you initiate a return for a full 100% refund on the original purchase price. You only have to cover the return shipping for the chair.

Will there be other products in the SUPERVOID™ collection?

We sure hope so. As we’ve begun working with the SUPERVOID™ S-Chair for photo shoots en situ, we’re realizing that this isn’t just a cool idea conceptually, but that the chair looks gorgeous in a variety of home, business, and institutional decor settings.

We fully plan to expand the line, but first things first, we want to make sure that all of our customers are hyped about the first offering before we begin to roll out further products in the line.

Who is Anish Kapoor, and why isn’t he allowed to purchase one of these chairs?

If you haven’t been following closely, Anish Kapoor is the British visual artist who cornered the exclusive rights on Vantablack, the first super black paint. That’s the whole reason our pal, Stuart Semple at Culture Hustle decided to make his own commercially available super black pigment, Black 3.0. What has ensued is an amazing (and sometimes hilarious) online art world dust-up between the two artists.

For the record, here at Death by Modernism, we’re squarely on the side of team Stuart Semple, and in a show of solidarity, our terms of purchase allow anyone on Earth to buy our SUPERVOID™ S-Chair, with the exception of one, Anish Kapoor. Shots fired.

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